In Rotation: What I’ve been listening to lately

When Consuming Media started, one of the things I said I wanted to blog about was music. Well, I finally decided to get some words down about what I’ve been listening to. I’ll talk about how I came to listen to a certain artist or album and what I think of it, or why I’ve kept it in rotation.

Luv Is Rage 2 – Lil Uzi Vert
I have listened to this album heavily the last few months. I’ve never been a huge Uzi fan, but I gave him a listen with the buzz surrounding this album. It quickly became a mainstay for me. It was my commute go to.
What I really enjoy is just the feel of this album. The beats combined with Uzi’s vocals are a great match. A lot of the bars and hooks are extremely catchy.
This is a representation of where it seems like we’re at right now with hip-hop/rap. It doesn’t really matter what they’re saying, it just matters how they use their voice and if it sounds cool.
The only songs I dislike are 444+222, Unfazed, How To Talk, and Skir Skirr. The deluxe version gave me a couple of my favorites with Loaded and 20 Min.
Double or Nothing – Big Sean & Metro Boomin
When this album first came out, I was really excited for it. Big Sean is one of my favorite rappers, and Metro Boomin is the biggest producer in the game right now.
My reaction to this after first listen was that the beats were awesome and Sean did well. For some reason, I kind of put it on the shelf though. I always look at Big Sean’s music very critically, and on first listen I thought that he could’ve executed better. I felt like some of his lyrics are a little lazy or just don’t fit.
Coming back to this album after a while, I’ve gained a better appreciation for it. I like a lot of what Sean is saying on this album. I like the tone of what he’s doing on this album, it’s motivational. I realize, or understand, that not every album or mixtape has to be the best thing you’ve ever heard; it’s okay to put out an enjoyable set of songs.
I like Pull Up and Wreck, but I don’t love 21 Savage’s verse and I’m not sure if I really understand his being on the song. Savage Time has emerged as one of my favorites. I like the break and switch up and appreciate the Travis Scott vocals sprinkled in.
Even the Odds is one of my favorites, partly because of Young Thug, and it’s interesting how Sean switches up his flow/voice. It kind of sounded like he was impersonating Young Thug the first time I heard it.
Big Bidness with 2 Chainz is a banger. Sean went crazy with that flow on the fourth verse –even going at Kendrick– just to make sure 2 Chainz didn’t outshine him.
Big Bossin, Vol. 2 – Payroll Giovanni & Cardo
I hadn’t listened to Payroll in the longest time but when I saw this came out I gave it a listen.
Cardo supplies the beats for this tape, and he gives it a very West Coast, airy feel. I actually love the way they compliment Payroll’s vocals and flow.
Payroll definitely brings that same refined feel to his rhymes. At first listen, I kind of just thought ‘I mean it’s cool but all he does is talk about drugs’ and it’s hilarious that he actually calls out bloggers that would say that in one of the songs.
It’s kind of surprising to see E-40 and Jeezy make appearances here. They both bring their OG vibes and exactly what you would expect to their verses.
Overall, this is a very good album to ride to, wake up to, or unwind to. I’ve enjoyed it after not really expecting a whole lot. I actually like every song except Turn Ya Phone Off.
Culture II – Migos
Like everyone else, I think Culture II is way too long. Recently, I’ve been going back to it though and listening to some of my favorites around the house or in the car. I’d have to say Narcos, Emoji a Chain, Stir Fry, Too Much Jewelry, Made Men and Top Down on Da NAWF are my favorites. Even though a lot of the songs sound the same, they’re still enjoyable.
I know that these were all hip-hop albums, I’ve been trying to branch out and listen to some different things so maybe I’ll blog about that in the near future.
If you have something you think I should listen to let me know. Get at me on Twitter (@jacksonvidaurri) and let’s talk about it!

One thought on “In Rotation: What I’ve been listening to lately

  1. I also didn’t like the collab with Big Sean and Metro Booming, but after a I listened to the album the second time, I was hooked. My favourite songs are Pull N Wreck, So Good, Who’s Stopping Me and Savage Time.

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