Richard Sherman On The Move?

Reports have surfaced today out of Seattle that the Seahawks are preparing to move on from their four-time Pro Bowl cornerback, and Legion of Boom leader, Richard Sherman.  While nothing is set in stone just yet, Sherman has reportedly been saying his goodbyes to teammates and his own mother has posted on social media indicating his exit. And after the Seahawks just traded another cornerstone of their defense, Michael Bennett to the Eagles, it seems as though they are attempting a complete roster overhaul. With Sherman set to hit the free agent market if he is released, or being shopped around in trade talks, should the Lions consider making a run at him?

Lets start with the obvious pros. Sherman is one of the leagues top corners that would pair nicely with Darius Slay and solidify what is already one of the up and coming secondaries in the league. Opposing quarterbacks would have nightmares deciding which pro-bowl cornerback to target when facing the Lions. Darius Slay, Quandre Diggs and Richard Sherman would form one of the most fearsome secondaries in the league and shore up one of the strongest points on the Lions defense. Sherman would also be a huge veteran presence on a team going through a culture change with new Head Coach Matt Patricia.

Now the cons. Richard Sherman is 29 years old, turning 30 in 3 weeks and coming off two achilles injuries, one he suffered last year ending his 2017 season and then having surgery on his other achilles this offseason. Also whenever asking if the Lions should sign someone, one also has to ask if the Patriots would sign said player. With the New England connection to Detroit with GM Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia its not ridiculous to assume they would operate close to the “Patriot Way” and honestly, I can’t see Sherman in a Patriots uniform. He’s an outspoken and fiery competitor who can rub many people the wrong way and create divisions in the lockeroom as he was rumored to do these last few years in Seattle.

Overall, I think Sherman would be a good fit for the Lions, but I don’t think he should be a top priority. The Lions secondary is already their strong suit and I would like to see them build from the inside out on both the offensive and defensive lines before going out and signing a big name free agent such as Sherman. Also with his age and recent injuries a factor I’m not sure how many years he could be a productive member on the Lions defense, and I’m sure he’ll seek to garner a decent payday based on his resume which would be money I’d like to see the Lions put into bolstering the offensive and defensive lines.


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