So it begins

Alright guys – this is the first blog I’ve ever written. This first post is just to talk about why I’m doing this and what you can expect from me.

To start off, I’m doing this because, as a writer, I haven’t been working on much of anything recently. I want to be able to say I’m working on something and trying to sharpen my writing skills. I’ve come to realize that I really do love writing and creating, so that’s what I’m going to do.

So, you can come to expect I’ll mainly be talking about sports on here. If you follow me on one of my twitter accounts (@jacksonvidaurri@jackson_jrn) you may already be aware of that. I’ll also blog about music (mostly rap), the news and politics, and some personal stuff.

I ask that you all bear with me. I think it’ll take a while to get everything running like I want it to in terms of ease of use and design of this site. I welcome any and all feedback, and if you want me to blog about something, I’m open to any tips or recommendations.

Thank you for reading! There will be more to come (podcasts, videos) so stay tuned.


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